Founded in 1996, the IVS group is with ACTIVISU the world’s leading provider of electronic measurement and sales-support solutions for opticians with its brands ACTIVISU® & ACTIV’SCREEN®.


IVS develops all of its innovative optics solutions in-house with the help of its more than 150 employees, 30 of which work in research and development.


Activisu is the inventor of a technological innovation that has resulted in numerous patents: the ability to create a 3D reconstruction of the position of a patient’s glasses frames, eyes and face, with accuracy to a tenth of a millimeter.


The company has won many awards for its solutions, including an LSA Innovation Trophy and 3 Silmo d’Or awards for technological innovations in electronic measurements.


Furthermore, the electronic measurement techniques developed by Activisu are so intuitive and reliable that the company’s products can now be found at over 25,000 points of sale in more than 95 countries.



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