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IVS is hiring a Linux DevOps engineer.

If you are passionate about Linux and open-source software, join our web and Linux development team of versatile, independent engineers skilled in a variety of technical fields, including software development, web building, electronic and hardware design, and 3D.

  • You will help design, develop and integrate our software into our on-board, Ubuntu-based Linux platform.
  • Must be able to analyze a new hardware platform and gauge its integration level with a Linux distribution (x86 or ARM).
  • You will help port/adapt our current platform to ARM (PHP compiling, driver adaptation, etc.).
  • You will maintain and produce Debian packages to distribute our software.
  • You will make technical suggestions and innovations to our distribution.

Technical Environment

You will be given the resources to work as efficiently as possible. It is up to you to use them wisely.
Here are the technologies that we use daily and in which you should be proficient or an expert:

  • Ubuntu/Raspbian, Apt Nos hardware solutions (passive screens, interactive signage) based on an independent Ubuntu distribution. We use packages via Apt to distribute our software updates.
  • Awesome (wm), Firefox/Chrome/Node-Webkit, VLC
  • Git and GitLab, simply the best DCVS
  • Node.js/PHP (~90% of our code)
  • Bash, OpenSSH
  • FFmpeg
  • For the web, we use:
  • Debian
  • Apache
  • Git and GitLab, simply the best DCVS
  • Node.js/PHP
  • PostgreSQL/Redis
  • HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap
  • Requirements

    Engineer or equivalent. Must have previous professional experience or strong references. Must be passionate about and have an excellent understanding of the world of open-source web, standards and GNU/Linux systems.

    You will work on various open-source projects (GitHub/Bitbucket/SourceForge products and others). Must have advanced Linux skills in both a server and desktop environment.

    Must love a challenge.
    Must be independent, curious and disciplined. You will work on the majority of the company’s processes and your actions will have a tangible impact.
    Working for a software editor must be the motivation you need.


    • Permanent position – Salary commensurate with experience
    • Meal vouchers
    • Company health insurance plan
    • Company investment plan

    François Leurent
    01 44 69 37 50
    IVS – 19 rue Klock 92110 Clichy


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