Founded by Benoist Monot, IVS group (Interactif Visuel Système) designs, markets and distributes innovative technological solutions since 1996.
With more than 150 employees, a powerful R&D (software and hardware) and an integrated manufacturing, IVS Group equips more than 25 000 point of sales through the 5 continents.

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number of countries where our solutions can be found

+ 25 000

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  • To ensure continuous development of high-tech solutions, product managers closely track all product line software and support.
  • A team of R&D and computer engineers oversees innovation and production of measurement solutions and sales supports at the company.
  • Their shared objective is to preempt opticians’ needs with patented technological innovations.

Sales support

  • The sales team is located throughout France, offering personalized service and proximity to its customers.
  • The team is familiar with all of our solutions and is available to provide expert answers to customer questions.


  • Activisu has always had a presence abroad and has an export division in France and a hundred distributors around the world.
  • On-site installation and maintenance of all our solutions is performed by our employees distributed across France.A technician is always available during holidays.
  • Support is available 5 days a week, in FRANCE from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m and Support OUTSIDE OF FRANCE from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Calls are recorded and cases are handled by a single technician. We respond to inquiries quickly and schedule any necessary repairs promptly.


  • Customers in France may choose to receive training on Activisu equipment from our team of certified opticians.
  • For our international customers, training sessions and manuals are available from our licensed distributors upon installation of equipment.Also, licensed distributors perform installation and maintenance of our solutions.